Get Your Yarn Stash!

I recently received a custom order on my Etsy shop ( to crochet a granny square blanket. With only a photo to help with the color and design she was looking for and given creative freedom, I decided to use Michael’s Snuggly Wuggly baby sport yarn (3 ply acrylic yarn) in Soft Pink (color 01412) as the master color.

To keep costs down. and given that the first round of the granny squares would be the contrasting colors and would not require as much yarn, I decided to look through my yarn stash and use what colors I had on hand. I decided to use 4 ply worsted weight acrylic in white, two shades of yellow, navy blue, turquoise, dark green, burgundy, two shades of lavender, purple and gold.

Each granny square measures almost 5″ and I am attaching 11 squares across and 11 down. The border will be a simple single crochet and then a shell pattern.

The granny square pattern is as follows:

With H hook and using contrasting color, chain 6, slip stitch in first chain to form a ring.

Round 1: Chain 3, work 2 DCs in the ring, chain 3, (3 DCs chain 3) 3 times. Slip stitch in 3rd chain of beg chain, fasten off.

Round 2; Using soft pink (for this round and round 3), join with a slip stitch in any chain 3 space, chain 3. 2 DCs, ch 3, 3 DCs in same space, chain 1, (3 DCs ch 3, 3 DCs ch 1) 3 more times in each chain 3 space around. Slip stitch in top of chain 3 of beg chain.

Round 3: Chain 3, DC in next two DCs, (3 DCs in chain 3 sp, ch 2, 3 DCs in same space, DC in each DC and in Chain 1 space) around. Slip stitch in top of chain 3 of beg chain. Fasten off.

Weave in ends as work progresses.

I am sewing the squares together with a single crochet and will attach the strips as I go along to save time.

The blanket will measure approximately 54″

I’ll keep updating as the blanket progresses!

A sample of the strip so far:

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