PIP Talk

Hi everyone, is it really Thursday already?? Where did the week go or should I say where has this year gone??? it’s almost August already and I’m still not finished with my PIPs (projects in progress) for summer! So here’s the rundown of what I’m working on at the moment:

Confetti Stars Afghan

This is a huge project, since there are over 300 3″ x 3″ squares that have to be attached. Wish I had started this as a join-as-you-go, but now that I think about it, I still can, since I’ve only attached two rows so far. I think I may do that! Here are the pics of the project so far, how I’m keeping all the squares organized, and what it will look like when it is completed:

The two rows finished so far. There are actually 17 squares attached, but the rows are so long I had to fold them in half so I can get a picture taken!

One of 16 bags that hold 17 stars of each color being used on each row. This makes life a lot easier!

The finished blanket as shown in the book...Can't wait to finally get to this point!

I am using different types of yarn for this afghan, but mostly Red Heart Super Saver and Caron One Pound. This is really a stash buster project, as I did not buy ANY new yarn to make this! AND I still have so much yarn left! I may need more black though…we’ll see..

The finished measurements should be around 48″ wide by 60″ long, and that’s not including the border! Whew, this is a huge undertaking so it may be done around Christmas time!

Checkerboard Rug

A much easier project for sure! I alternate white and blue on each row, and they are so quick to make, although there are a lot of ends to weave in (as shown in the photos below).

Two rows completed, one to be attached. Just wanted to show you all the ends I have to weave in on each row..fun huh? LOL

Just another pic showing what I've completed so far and the ends that still need to be woven in

I still need to crochet 5 more rows like these. Once they are attached, a green border will go around then a black one to finish it off. The completed measurements will be about 22″ x 28″. Then checkers have to be made!

Mint Green Lace Shawl

This is a beautiful shawl that is being crocheted with Caron Simply Soft yarn. A lovely accessory for formal occasions and weddings! It will measure about 23″ wide by 70″ long when completed.

The shawl in progress. This pattern is very simple and works up very fast!

The pattern up close. They look like diamonds!

I’m hoping to have this shawl finished in a few weeks. it is a great project to work on during the summer since the yarn is very light.

All of these will be available to purchase in my Zibbet shop once they are finished! Join me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter to keep informed on all listing updates and so much more!

Enjoy your weekend everyone and stay cool!

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