I’ll Take a Minimal Christmas To Go Please

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone and I’m making my list as short and sweet as possible. Granted, I don’t expect to get everything on the list, but hey, there’s no harm in asking! So here it is in no particular order (okay I’m lying):

1. A Michaels gift card: Any amount is fine as long as it’s enough to get a few balls of yarn (and I won’t forget my 40% off coupon either!)

2. Tickets to the next Pete Yorn concert in the NYC/CT area: I’ve ONLY seen him twice!

3. A round-trip train ticket to New York City and an admission ticket to The Museum of Modern Art: At least I’m not asking for a plane ticket to London or Paris

4. A Burt’s Bees Gift Pack: Their products are all natural, not tested on animals, and the mild scent in their lotion doesn’t give me, or anyone around me, a splitting headache

5. Fruit and veggie platters: I like to snack when I’m stitching and I’d rather worry about my product line than my waistline.

Don’t forget to fill up my stocking with AA alkaline (not lithium) batteries for my tempermental digital camera.

That’s it! To be honest, if I end up with just getting the batteries I’ll be happy..

Have a pared-down Christmas list you’d like to share? Post it in the comments section here and it may give others an idea for a gift!

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