I See a Pattern Here

Bright colors, stripes, polka dots, lace…, I love ’em all! Most of my inspiration for crochet comes from artwork, fabrics, quilt patterns, fashion and interior design magazines, and even big box store flyers in the Sunday paper. When I was younger, I loved plaid, paisley, and argyle (I still do). I also have a fascination with gameboards, Legos, jigsaw puzzles, and playing cards (especially the jack, queen and king).

I have a love of fashion that goes WAY back to my teen years. I had thought about going to school for fashion design when I was in high school, but for some reason the dream got sidetracked and I worked in sales, marketing, and accounting fields mostly in office administration. I was never happy in those types of jobs and it wasn’t until my last layoff in 2008 that I realized how unhappy I had been.

I took up crochet in December of 2008 as a stress reliever and something to keep me occupied while job-hunting. I couldn’t believe I was teaching myself how to crochet, the only other craft I had ever done with a hook was latchhooking. I kept it up and started creating blankets for birthday presents and had wallets and scarves sell in my sister’s boutique that she had owned at the time. I was so happy to find a niche I was good at and haven’t stopped since 🙂

Lately, I noticed that I haven’t been using published patterns in books and magazines as often and have decided to start selling my original patterns in my Zibbet shop. The finished product will also be available for the non-stitcher to purchase.

So my dream of becoming a designer is finally coming true and I couldn’t be happier! I hope you’ll enjoy the patterns and if you have questions or comments on them you can always post on my Facebook page.

I’ll bet you didn’t know this…

Not only do I love to crochet, but thanks to both of my grandmothers, my mom and aunts who sewed, crocheted, and knitted, I also have a great appreciation for vintage needlework, sewing machines and notions (especially thread spools and buttons). I really believe that photos of them are art in itself.

Embroidery Hoop Art

Vintage Doilies

Vintage sewing supplies

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