I’m Knitting..While My Crochet Hook Gently Weeps..

So today I finally decided to take the plunge and learn how to knit! After locating and dusting off my needles (that was a job in itself), deciding on a yarn, and grabbing my handy book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting and Crocheting, I was armed and ready!

I decided to use my size 7 needles and Mosaic Moon’s 3-ply 100% Merino Wool (218 yards, 3.5 oz. per hank). Their yarns are hand painted and hand dyed and I was extremely lucky to get this from one of my customers (thank you Kymberli). Click here to check out their website.

Mosaic Moon Yarn, Anu-Earth Mother

Mosaic Moon Yarn, Anu-Earth Mother

This is a beautiful yarn with hues of green, blue, purple and gold and is so nice and soft and easy to work with. I have not come across any knots and no splitting has occurred, so I highly recommend it!

I am working on a scarf in knit stitch, and unless I get really bored or the knitting police come after me will I learn that dreaded purl stitch! My brain and hands just can’t seem to get around that yet! I know, practice, practice, practice!

Don’t worry crochet hooks, I’ll be back soon..

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