It’s in the (granny square) bag

I found this cute pattern in an old crafts magazine I picked up at a thrift shop.  The magazine is ten years old, and the bag is  still stylish!   This is what I love about granny squares 🙂  Anyway, after looking at the pattern,  I realized there would be work to do on my part since the pattern wasn’t written line for line (probably due to space constraints).    Take for instance row 3 for the base says to “increase 7 sts evenly spaced for the next 12 rnds” .  What the?  Time to get out my calculator and figure that out.  Thankfully, we are “spoiled” today by designers who spell out the pattern for us line by line so we don’t have to do that work!  I finally realized the base is actually made like the beginning of a hat, and looked up a hat pattern that could help me figure that out, and sure enough that was exactly how to increase the rounds.

The original pattern

I also had to take into consideration that I was using a bigger hook than the F hook that is recommended,  so that was more measuring and calculating on my  part, but the bag turned out great and I’m still trying to decide if I want to sell it or not 🙂  The bag measures 29″ around and 19″ high and has stood my “book test” to make sure the base wouldn’t break, and it held up after placing five hardcover books in it.   The bag can easily carry at least three towels, books (of course), suntan lotion, etc. for the beach!  Other great uses for it would be as a weekend bag, kid’s summer camp bag, or for storing clothes, toys, and yarn of course!

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7 Responses to It’s in the (granny square) bag

  1. Lovetsitch says:

    Your bag is stunning! The colors you chose are very beautiful! I love it, what a great pattern you have found!
    BTW, I posted the rose pattern on my blog already, on a separate post. You can find it here: Thank you you like my hat pattern, look forward to seeing yours!
    Happy hooking!
    Best wishes,

  2. suestitches says:

    Thank you I’m glad you like the bag! Thanks so much for sharing the post for the rose brooch, can’t wait to make the hat now!! 🙂

  3. rami says:

    can you tell me which magazine did you get the pattern please?

    • SueStitches says:

      Hi Rami, the magazine is called Arts & Crafts, but this pattern is from 2002, so I don’t think it would be available anywhere online unless you look around.

  4. SueStitches says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t have the magazine anymore

  5. Simply Knots says:

    This bag is gorgeous. I’ll definitely try making one myself. 🙂

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