My Mom, the Trooper

It’s a quiet Saturday night as I sit here typing this while my mom sleeps after having her gall bladder removed earlier today. Its been a very worrisome few days for the family but we all pulled together and now the main thing is she’s resting comfortably. It makes me feel so proud to see how my family really banded together on Thanksgiving day when my mother had been saying she had been feeling gas-like pains in her back for the past couple of days. After much discussion, she finally agreed to go to the emergency room to see what was wrong, and it turned out to be gallstones, which are extremely painful. There was also an obstruction in her intestine that had to be treated first before the gall bladder could be removed. What shocked everyone is that she never cried or screamed in pain! I would hate to think what would of happened if we hadn’t been there when she needed us, sometimes I think there really are guardian angels that look out for us. Thankfully her angel was there that day 🙂

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