Pretty Yarns

Yarns 004

These are two yarns I’m working with today. Right now, I’m crocheting a hat using the Impeccable in “Charcoal Tweed” and the other, Caron Simply Soft in “Ocean” will be a scarf.

I have always used these two brands of yarn and have never been disappointed. The Impeccable yarn, which is exclusive to Michael’s stores, is probably one of the softest and durable yarns I have ever used and I love the colors (although they discontinued one color, grape, which I’m not happy about).  It’s perfect for hats, scarves, blankets, and baby items.

The same goes for Caron Simply Soft, although I have come across times where the yarn would split or there would be knots, but in all in all, it’s a perfect yarn for hats, scarves, and baby items. I wouldn’t recommend using it for blankets though, unless you hold two strands of yarn together while making it.

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2 Responses to Pretty Yarns

  1. Barbra says:

    Are you going to rate the yarns?My jury is out on the Caron…not sure of durability.

    • suestitches says:

      The impeccable is gorgeous to work with, I’m using a G hook so that the hat isn’t too loose. I’ve always used Caron’s simply soft on scarves and it really is a great yarn for them. In fact, I just made a scarf for my sister using the simply soft eco and it came out really nice.

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