Stitching in the Summertime

Given the heat lately, I haven’t been wanting to crochet much with heavier yarn.   Since I don’t like to give up the craft during the summer months, the alternatives to your basic medium worsted weight to bulkier yarns are out there.   Here are some great (and quick) projects to make with lighter yarn or thread.    Just click on the pics to get the patterns!

"Maybelle" Crocheted Flowers

“Maybelle” Crocheted Flowers

 These pretty flowers could be sewn onto hats, bags, jean jackets, or be used in a number of different ways!

Stitch them up using finer thread and steel hook, and they make wonderful earrings, pendants, and brooches.

crochet ice cream

Crochet Ice Cream Sachets

How cute are these??  There are other “food” related patterns on the website as well (and they are all free!)

I think I’ll have to give these a try!!

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