Getting Ready For Fall/Winter!

I’ve already gone through my yarn stash today to see what I have and what I need.  I don’t seem to have much bulky or sock yarn, so that is on my list to get.   I tend to make a lot of blankets, scarves, hats, and gloves for the cooler months, so with that said, these are the yarns I would like to purchase within the next few weeks:


Have you started on any new projects for fall and winter or gotten your yarn stash organized?

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5 Responses to Getting Ready For Fall/Winter!

  1. No new projects…yet. A lot on queue on Ravelry. Stash already organized in bins and also documented on Ravelry to help in project selection that might suit the yarn. Some of the yarns you want like the sockease were actually on sale at Joanna for like $3 or something ridiculous like that.

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