One Busy Knitter

It’s hard to believe that I just started knitting a month ago.  I already have four projects going on at the same time, one is the Wine Country Cowl (a free pattern available through Tahki yarns).  I am using Red Heart Soft Yarn in Teal for this project and size 11 needles.  It’s working up so pretty and soft, so this was definitely a good choice of yarn to use!   The color was chosen by a guy I work with that asked me to make it for his mom for Christmas 🙂

The next project is the Strangling Vine Lace Scarf .  I thought for sure the pattern would be difficult, but not so!  It’s only a four row repeat and I have it memorized already.   I’m making one for myself using Red Heart soft yarn in berry and since this is a thicker yarn, it’s not coming out as lacy, but the pattern is still pretty and it’s so warm!   The other yarn I’m using is Patons Lace yarn with sequins and this yarn is absolute heaven to work with.  Since it’s a fine yarn (#2), this will take me a while to finish, but when it’s all said and done, this will be one to wear to holiday parties or any fancy gathering.

Last but not least is the Spectra Cowl, a free pattern on Red Heart’s website.  The yarn I’m using for this is exactly what’s shown on the cowl.  This pattern is so pretty, and again, very easy.  The yarn is a little fuzzy to work with though, but the beautiful colors in it make up for it 🙂

I think these projects will keep me busy for a while. Of course, I’ve found and printed other patterns I like, but a knitter can only get to so much in one day (unfortunately).

What projects are you working on?

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6 Responses to One Busy Knitter

  1. Geraldine says:

    well done! I’m knitting a pair of socks for my hubby and a beret for myself. isn’t knitting the best! 😉

  2. teabeaknits says:

    Scary thought – only knitting for a month and you have four projects on the go…imagine what it will be like in a year! How big is your yarn stash after a month? 😉

    • SueStitches says:

      Well, I’ve been crocheting for five years and still have TONS of yarn left over from projects I’ve finished, yarn that still hasn’t been used, and now I’m buying more with knitting so it’s safe to say I’m drowning in yarn right now LOL!

  3. lovelucie1 says:

    I started a few weeks ago too. So addictive. I’ve a cowl and a scarf on the go.

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