Thread and Beads Infinity Scarf

Sue Viola:

A friend of mine sent me the link to this infinity scarf pattern from Ravelry and I had to repost it. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Originally posted on Speckless Blog:

thread and beads infinity scarf

I have a surplus of crochet thread. And I almost never buy it. I think my family finds it at yard sales and gives it to me, or maybe it’s just multiplying on its own, like Tribbles. Either way, I need to get some of it out of the stash and into my life.


Maybe I should have called this post The Trouble with Trebles. Haha, Get it? anyway . . .

Because you can only make so many doilies, so many crochet rocks, and jewelry only uses little bits – I needed to think of something different and BIGGER. So I thought, why not use a big hook and make a big scarf? I know I’m not reinventing the wheel here – I think knitters use big needles with thread all the time – but this is new to me, and a challenge.

I’ll reveal what I did here…

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