What’s in Store For The New Year

Lots of things are in the works;  I’ve updated my Zibbet shop, ordered new business cards and other goodies, and of course, working on new items for you!  What I’m really excited about is attending VogueKnitting Live! in New York City on Saturday, January 18th at the Marriott Marquis!  If you are interested in attending, click on the link for more info and to register for classes or to shop in the marketplace:  http://www.vogueknittinglive.com/ehome/66410. This is one event I’ve been really looking forward to attending.  Since I’ve just started to learn to knit, I feel like a brand new world has opened up for me, and all that means more goodies to list in the shop 🙂

I’m also hoping to experiment with different yarns.  I have fallen in love with Noro, which can be purchased through Little Knits’ website at http://littleknits.com/yarn/noro.html.  The colors are absolutely stunning, and I can just imagine all the wonderful scarves, hats, and gloves that can be made with them.   Noro also has a magazine available, which I purchased and I call it my “eye candy” magazine for obvious reasons 🙂  Click on the magazine to purchase a copy through WEBS’ website:

Some other yarns I’m hoping to work with include Crystal Palace, Debbie Bliss, and Poems.  All of these brands have such beautiful colors available and can also be purchased on  Little Knits’ website.  Poems yarn is available through Universal Yarn’s website at http://www.universalyarn.com/yarn.php

Have a great weekend everybody and happy stitching!


How to Unravel Novelty Yarn Without Yourself Unraveling

There have been plenty of times where we start knitting and crocheting with a certain yarn, only to see that the pattern just doesn’t mesh well with that particular yarn.  Last night I was taking a look at one of those projects, and did not like what I saw.  So, I just decided to unravel it.  Easier said than done… Patons Lace with Sequins is not the kind of yarn you can rip out in 10 minutes, this was a job in itself. It took over two hours to get it all done, but I was happy that I stuck it out and saved all that beautiful yarn 🙂

There are two important things you will definitely need before you start ripping it out: tons of patience and a yarn needle. As you start unraveling, the yarn will either get stuck together due to the fuzz and sequins, and this is where the yarn needle comes in to play.  Use it to either gently pull the sequin or fuzz apart.  Trust me, this will be extremely frustrating, but in the end you will have saved all of the yarn, and we all know that yarn is not cheap these days, especially these types!


Once you’ve unraveled it all and rolled it back into a ball, just stick it back into the opening, and it’s ready to use again 🙂

Friday Favorites: a Little R & R

What a week this has been, all I want to do this weekend is kick back, drink coffee, read, crochet a little, and maybe sleep in late.

This looks like the perfect spot to curl up in…

These coffee cupcakes look delicious..

…and last but not least, some yarn and a hook, and I’m all set 🙂

What are your plans for the weekend? Hope you have a good one!


Getting Ready For Fall/Winter!

I’ve already gone through my yarn stash today to see what I have and what I need.  I don’t seem to have much bulky or sock yarn, so that is on my list to get.   I tend to make a lot of blankets, scarves, hats, and gloves for the cooler months, so with that said, these are the yarns I would like to purchase within the next few weeks:


Have you started on any new projects for fall and winter or gotten your yarn stash organized?

A Granny in Progress + New Yarns I Purchased This Weekend!

This is my newest granny square blanket I’m working on (I hid the ends very well!). I managed to join the last row of grannys after I took the photo, and now am on to the border, which probably shouldn’t take that long to finish. I could probably have this finished and listed in my zibbet shop by early next week!

My Granny Square Afghan in the works

This is how it will look when it is finished. I may do the pillow as well 🙂


All my colorful yarns I purchased yesterday… 🙂


So Much Yarn, So Little Time…

I have been trying my best to not go to the craft store to pick up more yarn, but it’s getting more and more difficult when I see such great colors and textures!  Here’s a few that I would love to get my hands on!


Lion Brand’s Heartland Yarn

This yarn is absolutely gorgeous!  The colors are very natural looking and would be perfect for making afghans, scarves, sweaters, and so much more!   It’s hard to pick one color that would be my favorite, but since I’m partial to greens and blues, Glacier Bay wins! Click the link above to get more info on it!

rigoletto_operaoryarnRed Heart’s Rigoletto Yarn

I haven’t seen this in the store yet, but I’m hoping it will be in stock soon!  This gorgeous  super-bulky “Boutique” yarn is available in metallic, prints, and sequins and you can bet alot of scarves and shawls will be made with this one!


Bernat’s Vickie Howell Cotton-ish Yarn

I love bright colored yarn and I love Vickie’s collection here!  I would definitely want a skein of every single color!

Have you used any of these yarns?  I’d love to hear your feedback!

Stitching in the Summertime

Given the heat lately, I haven’t been wanting to crochet much with heavier yarn.   Since I don’t like to give up the craft during the summer months, the alternatives to your basic medium worsted weight to bulkier yarns are out there.   Here are some great (and quick) projects to make with lighter yarn or thread.    Just click on the pics to get the patterns!

"Maybelle" Crocheted Flowers

“Maybelle” Crocheted Flowers

 These pretty flowers could be sewn onto hats, bags, jean jackets, or be used in a number of different ways!

Stitch them up using finer thread and steel hook, and they make wonderful earrings, pendants, and brooches.

crochet ice cream

Crochet Ice Cream Sachets

How cute are these??  There are other “food” related patterns on the website as well (and they are all free!)

I think I’ll have to give these a try!!